Tai Chi for Cardio and Pulmonary Health

Course introduction

Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases are the leading cause of disease burden in Australia and around the world. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) alone accounts for nearly one third of global deaths. There is compelling research evidence that practice of Tai Chi can significantly improve cardiovascular and respiratory health. 14 randomized control trials conducted around the world demonstrated that Tai Chi significantly improved  cardiac  function,  coronary  risk profile and quality of life (QOL). It also improved heart  rate and  heart  rate  response, blood  pressure, baroreflex sensitivity and peak oxygen uptake, left ventricular ejection fraction, enhanced 6MWD (six-minute walking distance) and increased CRQ total score (Chronic Respiratory Disease Questionnaire).

Based on the compelling research evidence, informed by exercise science and guided by exercise prescription principles and safety guidelines, ©the Tai Chi for Cardiopulmonary Health Program, also known as Tai Chi for Cardio and Respiratory Health, is a safe and targeted Tai Chi intervention program for reducing the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and improving cardiovascular and respiratory health and fitness and the quality of life.

A recent clinical trial conducted in Australia has showed that 12 week practice of ©the Tai Chi for Cardiopulmonary Health Program has significantly improved the cardiopulmonary patients’ life schema on SIWB. SIWB index is widely used in studies of chronic illness, aging, and palliative care to measure health-related quality of life and wellbeing. The results of the study also showed a trend for reduction in depressive symptoms in cardiopulmonary patients. Improvement in the patients’ lower limb strength and balance has also been reported. The study has reported that throughout the trial, there have been no adverse events reported.

What to learn

The course contains practical and theoretical module

Practical Module 

  • Step by step teaching and practice of the evidence-based Tai Chi intervention program led by the course instructors
  • How to practice/apply/teach the program safely and effectively

Theoretical Module 

  • Epidemiology of cardiovascular and respiratory conditions 
  • Risk factors of cardiovascular and respiratory conditions 
  • Introduction to Tai Chi and the Tai Chi for Cardiopulmonary Health Program
  • Research evidence and exercise science underpinning the Tai Chi for Cardiopulmonary Health Program 
  • Safe and effective application of the targeted Tai Chi intervention program for prevention, management and rehabilitation of cardiovascular and respiratory conditions
  • Teaching and practice guidelines

Why choose this course by EMI

  • Based on compelling research evidence
  • Informed by exercise science
  • Guided by exercise prescription principles and safety guidelines
  • Accredited/approved by American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), among other national or international professional governing bodies
  • Over 20 years of dedication to continuing education for health and exercise professionals
  • High level of course participants’ satisfaction
  • Gaining certification to practice/teach the program in healthcare, community or residential settings
  • Expanding your professional skills and gaining 15 CPD / CECs for your processional development
  • Complete learning resources (course manual and step-by-step teaching video) provided
  • Ongoing professional development support




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